About Us

The SFE Land and Cattle Co. is a Middle Tennessee Co. that has created a national network of ranchers that share one common goal. That goal is to supply choice and select cuts of beef without exception directly to the public. Our network of ranchers work under the “Farm to Table” concept to keep up with the high demand of the American public who expect the best from our ranchers.

Big corporate farms have put a tight squeeze on family farmers and ranchers, and  one way that we can preserve this fabrication of American history is by making sure that independent farmers are supported and leveraged economically.

Under our concept, all consumers should be able to pay the national average according to the USDA’s weekly average beef report. This will keep our prices to you low and will allow our ranchers to sell at market rates and better regulate the anti-competitiveness of large agribusiness.

From the American Ranch Families to yours, thank you for your support!